Are you driven by extracting meaningful information from EM data?

Job title:
Development Geophysicist - AEM

EMerald Geomodelling

Work place:

Employment level:
Full time

Position type:
Permanent position

Application deadline:
The job ad has expired

Contact person

Andi A. Pfaffhuber



+47 414 93 753

Sorry, this position expired on 10.06.2021.

We are looking for an experienced development geophysicist to fill a senior role and join our start-up in its growth phase. We started small, working in Norway with clients like Bane Nor and Nye Veier, and have begun our international adventure with projects in India, Australia, Brazil, and more. You will be joining a vibrant and dynamic work environment where you will help us bring infrastructure development into the 21st century and where you will have some freedom to form your own role as we grow.

As a development geophysicist - AEM, your main role will be to drive geophysical development work improving EMerald’s data pipeline including but not limited to:

  • geophysical data processing algorithms
  • EM inversion algorithms
  • sensitivity / feasibility models

We also expect you to:

  • contribute to client projects by working with geophysical data
  • provide strategic input to EMerald’s research and development plan as part of the RnD team
  • collaborate closely with operations teams and provide technical advice to the sales team
  • communicate development results to peers and clients in writing and orally

What we are looking for:

  • full alignment with EMerald’s virtues
  • minimum 5 years hands-on experience with electromagnetic data processing & inversion, primarily based on helicopter-borne EM
  • solid background in EM physics, inverse theory
  • minimum 5 years of experience with numerical implementation concepts and programming
  • experience with Python programming
  • strong near-surface geoscience background – experience in geological interpretation
  • MSc in applied geophysics or related fields
  • excellent communication and collaboration skills

 You will fit right in at EMerald if you:

  • are motivated by the broader impact of your work on society
  • are inquisitive, curious, and self-driven
  • consider yourself a team player with a strong ability to collaborate
  • show mindfulness of cross-team dependencies and relationships while engineering solutions
  • experience in engineering geophysics and/or geotechnical engineering
  • experience with machine learning, software development, data management and/or related fields
  • experience from the geotechnical / infrastructure planning industry
  • PhD in applied geophysics

What can we offer you?

Beyond a fair salary and insurance package, we offer a successful candidate an attractive workplace and working conditions. This includes:

  • a significant position where your voice will be heard and where you will gain a sense of ownership for what you create
  • more freedom than a typical large corporation
  • work time and workplace flexibility in a post-covid-world
  • a potential equity stake in a company on the verge of growth

At EMerald, we have summarized our core virtues trust, honesty and support, innovation and curiosity, and high ethical standards to three statements:

  • Helping a colleague succeed is as important as the joy of personal success.
  • The geotechnical industry is ripe for disruption.
  • Do good things and good things will happen to you.

For more information or questions, please contact us at or 414 93 753.

About EMerald Geomodelling

EMerald Geomodelling is a spin-off from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI). Despite being a young company, founded in 2019, our business is built on a decade of research and development at NGI. We are creating a tool that revolutionizes the way we build roads, railways, tunnels, and other types of infrastructure towards more sustainable use of resources. By using Machine Learning to detect patterns and manage uncertainties, we provide critical insights early on in large building projects that help our clients make better decisions.

Why do we do this? Worldwide, building infrastructure costs billions of dollars. Too often, actual costs go way over budget. These extra billions spent are a huge burden on society. Our mission is to lessen that burden. By helping our clients build roads, railways, and tunnels with fewer costly interventions, we help free up funds for other worthy social and environmental goals.