Kverneriet is looking for passionate Head Chefs

Job title:
Kitchen Leader

Kverneriet Tønsberg

Work place:

Employment level:
Full time 100%

Position type:
Permanent position

Application deadline:
As soon as possible

Preferred start

Contact person

Perry Williams

Head of Staff Development


Kverneriet is Home for Dedicated Leaders

Our kitchens focus on creating unique food that is handcrafted on an everyday basis. Together we challenge daily what is considered to be the best burger dinner experience in the world, keeping our highest focus on Quality, People, and Food Development.

Our mission at Kverneriet is to serve happiness. To our team and to our guests, we want to serve happiness wherever and whenever we can. To do that on an everyday basis we rely on a team that can deliver. 

We take pride in excellence and believe that with a team that cares, follows their passion and pays attention to the finest details, we can deliver experiences that go above and beyond expectations. 

Whether it’s our ingredients, beers, spirits or personnel, we believe that our guests prefer that we always search for the best. Our current search is for a Kitchen Leader to add to our growing team.


Flexible Schedules - To be happy at work, you need to do things that make you happy outside of work. We offer our team flexible working hours and do our best to meet any schedule requests you may have. 

Room To Grow - Growing doesn’t always mean upwards! There is always room for learning and progressing, even if you don’t want to push for that next promotion. We enable our team to grow and chase their passions both inside and outside of work, through our learning app, tastings, workshops and more.

Everyone Has A Voice - Innovation doesn’t know hierarchy. Creativity and change is welcomed through the ideas of all, no exceptions. Therefore our menu is created by our teams in-house and all are welcome to present their creations.

Social Work, Social life - Our work makes people’s social lives better, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t miss out on the fun! Through discounts, social events, team meetings, food and workshops, we want our team to enjoy themselves and make the most of life with their colleagues, friends and family. 

Make Your Move - Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life. We offer an environment that will not only have opportunities to progress, but one that will give you the training, support and guidance you need to get you to where you want to go. Plus, make sure you enjoy it every step of the way!


You Serve Excellence - You pay attention to the details and never let your team deliver food that is less than perfect. You ensure that each step of the process is overseen, executed correctly and the team is constantly improving because your guests deserve the best. You lead the pass, directing your team and coaching them to produce faultless service.

You Put Hospitality First - You want to make the guest experience unforgettable so you speak with your team to find out how you can make service run even better. Not only finding solutions to problems, but finding ways to improve the restaurant is something that comes naturally to you. Hospitality is about creating exceptional experiences and so you find, train and empower a team that are happy, dedicated and motivated to create them.

You Work With Integrity - You always do your best when no one is watching and develop your team to be dedicated to do the same. This makes sure that you have a workplace of trust, professionalism and great teamwork. Plus, taking responsibility and doing the right things means your team’s day gets a little better and that the results of your work is perfect.

You Want More - Being the best at your job means a lot to you as you are passionate about this industry. You are not satisfied with your team being average because you love to deliver exceptional food, and so you create a culture of learning, dedication to improve and recognition of amazing work.

What you will be doing...

  • Staying guest focused and nurturing an excellent guest experience.
  • Staying team focused and ensuring your colleagues are trained, performing and happy.
  • Ensuring food production is executed in accordance with the standards of production and plating specifications.
  • Leading by example from the Pass.
  • Attending to the detail and presentation of each order.
  • Weighing, measuring, mixing and preparing ingredients according to recipes, training and supervising your team to do the same.
  • Ordering, controlling and assisting with the handling of food deliveries.
  • Maintaining standards for food storage, rotation, quality, and appearance.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable health codes and regulations.
  • Creating, planning and presenting new items and menus.
  • Submitting cost proposals for new items, monitoring Kitchen KPI’s and controlling costs.
  • Planning and holding meetings, focusing on the improvement of the back of house and the happiness and ability of your team.

If you love the sound of this, have reason for us to love you and match these job requirements then hit apply!

  • A minimum of four years of restaurant cooking experience in a high tempo kitchen.
  • Experience in leadership in the kitchen.
  • Preferable experience in kitchen management with a team larger than four people.
  • Can work until 02:00 if needed.

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