Kverneriet is looking for a content producing Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager (Markedssjef)

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2021-11-01 (flexible)


Henrik Hallengren


Beklager, denne stillingen utgikk den 18.10.2021.

We are pleased to announce that we are looking for a new member to join our family! 

As Kverneriet’s Marketing Manager and Content Creator, you will be responsible for Kverneriet’s external marketing activities – both planning and executing! That means that you will have the opportunity to both steer the agenda for Kverneriet’s marketing efforts – and at the same time be the person who sets the tone of voice for Kverneriet going forward by being its main content creator.

The opportunities in this role are endless – you will set the limitation of what this position can and will become. We expect you to be able to set up and present clear relevant plans for marketing activities and carry out our ongoing production needs in form of texts and photos (video and/or print production is highly regarded – but not a must).

As Kverneriet’s Marketing Manager you will be a core member of the Management Group, focusing currently on growth and expansion, with several new locations and concepts over the next few years. You will therefore have the opportunity to influence top-level decisions within the organization. 

You will also be a part of our small and flexible marketing team that works from different locations – so your office will be wherever you please! However, being present in one or more of our locations on a weekly basis for meetings, photo, and video shoots is expected. With office spaces in Oslo and Tønsberg you have the freedom to choose what works best for you.

In your role, you will report to Henrik, our founding CSO, who also will provide you with strategic guidelines and offer overall guidance.

We believe that you might have a background from a large marketing agency (advertisement/PR/content/performance etc.) and are looking for a position that will let you be more hands-on, focus on one brand, take greater ownership, and explore creative outputs.

We believe that the person we’re looking for is:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Able to plan your own work and execute on that plan.
  • Structured
  • Be able to sort and report on your output.
  • Fluent in written English
  • Used to work in Adobe CC (or similar)
  • Passionate about photo/video
  • Maybe you have it as a hobby today?
  • Love food!

Preferred Qualities:

  • Ability to produce video content (filming & editing)
  • Ability to produce graphic design
  • Ability to produce final art for print

For a closer look at us check out kverneriet.com