Kverneriet tilbyr en rå mulighet til en kick-ass Servitør

Job title:
Servitør (Waiter)


Work place:

Employment level:
Full time 100%

Position type:
Permanent position

Application deadline:
This is no longer active

Contact person

Perry Williams

Head of Staff Development


Sorry, the position has been closed and it is no longer possible to apply for it.

Kverneriet isn't your typical restaurant job.

We are a group of people who have seen all the bad sides of working in the restaurant industry and decided to work in it anyway. We've had jobs with no training, no follow-up, no schedules, no thanks, and no fun. So instead of putting up with it, we have decided to try and change it.

At Kverneriet we are not looking for staff to work for us. We are offering an opportunity for someone to join a group of like-minded people who want to have an amazing workplace and be a part of something more than just a job. We offer a fun, passionate, and uplifting place to be for those who don't just want to work.

So if you are a Server looking for full-time or part-time work then come and join!

There are some conditions though!

We are looking for Servers who...

  • Love to be social
  • Love food and drinks. Burgers are a plus!!
  • Demand a great workplace
  • Contribute to the team

Here's what we do...

  • Greet our guests, getting the experience off to the perfect start.
  • Present ourselves and the menu, helping guests find things they love.
  • From start to finish, find ways to make our guest's (and colleagues!) day awesome.
  • We learn and do our best. Then help others get there too.
  • We prepare and plan to avoid stress so we can enjoy our work.

If you love the sound of this then hit apply. Om du ønsker, send gjerne inn CV på Norsk!

To explore our perks and more check out kverneriet.com