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Insj is a student organization working to promote student entrepreneurship and lower the threshold for students who want to start their own company. Our main service is individual coaching to students who have an idea they want to develop. We also have a dedicated coaching service for students and graduates who want to apply for up to 1 million NOK from STUD-ent. In addition, we regularly run an 8-week accelerator program where students can develop their ideas together and get useful tools that come in handy when starting a business! We also organize a number of individual workshops and other events where students can meet other students who are curious about entrepreneurship and discuss ideas and solutions!

We are looking for HR students interested in working with administrative and strategic HR!

The purpose of this position is to ensure that Insj has the necessary human resources with the right competence and skills to secure that we can create value through our services for students. Transparency and empathy are Insj's two core values in HR. The department is responsible for a multitude of different areas both before, during and after a person has worked or used a service at Insj. This means that as an HR associate you will be responsible for areas such as recruitment, employer branding and employee training and development. It is important that these processes are transparent and that people's individual needs are met. You will be working directly under and report to the Head of HR.

Main tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

Internal HR

  • Organizing courses and workshops to ensure career development
  • Creating value and mission statements
  • Responsible for company ceremonies and team building events
  • Development of ethical guidelines
  • Ensure good onboarding and offboarding practices

External HR

  • Executing and developing recruitment strategies
  • Identify relevant recruitment channels
  • Ensure updated work descriptions
  • Creating job advertisements
  • Contact candidates, book and organize interviews
  • Onboarding new associates

The main objective for the HR associate is to ensure: 

  • A transparent recruitment processes where we hire for motivation
  • That Insj has necessary teams with the right competence and skills
  • That everyone working at Insj has acquired new competence and skills
  • Progressive cultural and organizational development driven by transparency and empathy

We are seeking someone who:

  • Wants to apply their knowledge to real life HR issues in a business setting
  • Has an interest for working with either internal or external HR
  • Skilled at collaborating in teams and across teams
  • Proactive and takes initiative
  • Resonates with our core values of transparency and empathy
  • Is a student in Oslo

We can offer:

  • A unique environment where you can apply skills and knowledge you've gained through your studies
  • Opportunity to grow your professional network
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work with awesome colleagues in a vibrant working space at Forskningsparken
  • Opportunity to grow and develop your knowledge and competence with relevant training and guidance

This is a volunteer position intended for students!

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Contact person

Nikolina Suzic

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